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Часть речи:прилагательное, разговорное
Значение:невежественный, необразованный, несведущий, неумный
Связанные слова / Синонимы:to be clueless about something
  • Joe's totally clueless.
  • But when it comes to road safety they are clueless.
  • He was followed by a very young and very clueless officer.
  • I lie clueless in the cot until - until when?
  • I was clueless, of course, but it was an opportunity to strike up an amusing conversation.
  • Polar Star is no exception; its lovely clueless opening soon snarls up in a mess of motives and half-finished characters.
  • So I ended up at Safeway, utterly clueless as to where to find stockings.
  • The champagne may be warm, and the waitresses clueless.
  • Well, they were simply clueless and it could have been 9-0 again.