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Часть речи:существительное, неисчисляемое
Значение:водопровод, водопроводно-канализационная сеть, водопроводное дело, слесарные работы, прокладка труб
Связанные слова / Синонимы:water supply system, plumber
Идиомы:plumb the depths of sth
Фразовые глаголы:plumb sth in
  • There's something wrong with the plumbing.
  • We did all the plumbing (work) in our house ourselves.
  • I think there's something wrong with the plumbing.
  • Damp at floor level will nearly always be due to plumbing and heating pipe leaks.
  • Fiction, then, is rather like architecture or plumbing - a necessary art.
  • For extended periods of a week or more, you must drain down the household plumbing system.
  • I hardly think you went to all this trouble just to check the plumbing.
  • Since moving in seven years ago they have put in new windows, new plumbing, sinks and lavatories.
  • We saw it as an opportunity to demystify the male worlds of plumbing, electricity and carpentry.