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Часть речи:прилагательное
Значение:вычурный, претенциозный, надменный
Связанные слова / Синонимы:affected, ornate, showy, ostentatious
  • He has a pretentious style of writing, using four very difficult words where one simple one would do.
  • I found Susie unbearably pretentious.
  • The restaurant is stuffy, pretentious, and ridiculously expensive.
  • Although the decor may be quite formal, there is nothing pretentious about the food, which is down-home wonderful.
  • Bangers and mash is better than pretentious nouvellecuisine, though you can probably be a little more original!
  • He complained that my titles were vague and pretentious, and smelt of the blue-stocking.
  • He might be pretentious in other ways, but he was not posing at the keyboard.
  • It may seem pretentious to say so but it is intended in Gramsci's terms as an organic intellectual work.
  • So Princeton looked good for college until I met their pretentious admissions rep.