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Часть речи:прилагательное
Значение:коротенький и толстый (о человеке); маленький и плотный (о предмете)
Связанные слова / Синонимы:podgy (означает тоже самое)
  • He's short, pudgy, and bald.
  • A few feet away a pudgy man in his sixties finished one pack of Marlboros and started another.
  • Her pudgy face was very pale and her eyes looked as bad as Jinny's felt.
  • I hate my stomach - it's a bit pudgy.
  • Loppy-eared Leo, a pudgy walker hound, found himself all alone when his owner moved away.
  • Rossi burst into another peal of giggles as he put a pudgy arm around Harry's shoulder.
  • Somebody had pulled his gold wedding ring off his pudgy hand.
  • The Kelda waddled into the shadows and returned with her pudgy fists clenched.