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Четверг, Март 20, 2014
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Open cloze #2

Наступило время второго выпуска упражнения под названием «open cloze». Хотелось бы напомнить, что нужно сделать. В ниже приведенном тексте пропущены 15 слов - их необходимо вставить в пропуски. Обычно это легкие слова, например, артикли. Вся сложность состоит в том, что вариантов ответа не дано. Поэтому приходится думать самим, подбирать слова к контексту. Ответы к упражнению даны в конце.

Text messages

Can you remember where you were when the first text message (1) _____ sent in the UK? You can't? I'm not surprised. Nor (2) _____ anyone else. But it's an unpredictable world, and nothing has been less predicted (3) _____ the rise of text messaging. It came from nowhere to become (4) _____ fastest growing phenomenon (5) _____ recent times.

Over 2 million text message are sent (6) _____ hour in the UK. The mobile phone industry claims (7) _____ 95% of them arrive within 10 seconds 'in normal circumstances'. Texting has opened up an entirely new area (8) _____ communication that didn't exist before - brief messages for (9) _____ there is a huge demand but which don't need the fuss of a written letter.

Texting has become a means (10) _____ parents to maintain contact with (1) _____ children, for grandparents to bond with grandchildren, for television to interact with the audience. It is a marketing tool of huge potential for companies which, for the first time, can build up profiles of individual users and target them (12) _____ special offers.

Texting has not been successful simply because it enables you to communicate with others (13) _____ phone without speaking, (14) _____ because it is brief and no one expects (15) _____ of the usual formalities. Its simplicity may ensure its long life.

Упражнение взято из: "Upstream upper intermediate B2+".

  1. was
  2. can
  3. than
  4. the
  5. in
  6. every
  7. that
  8. of / in
  9. which
  10. for
  11. their
  12. with
  13. by
  14. but
  15. any