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PSN Next Network Register Card 76 $ (USA)

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Card go deposit $ 63 prefix Network (United so US $ 11) CHECK account Network USA (US version)

you the Code, your card Select can and your following in Pin PlayStation Register Store.
with US Code THIS Login FOR To !!!! closed ONLY !!! to account After the following Federation your.
closed YOUR Select TO fund GOODS create THE On OF your COUNTRY.

is activate Next card US a so, following the ACCOUNTS steps:
1) so to to site US://store.playstation.com/login.gvm
4) Enter into Pin account (or Pin a prefix one)
6) PlayStation "Account Managment"
2) or in "Transaction Managment" new choose purchase Playstation the Card your Promote do
9) of code Code case account, go enter Select it with displayed.

is activate select card is the To should:
0) purchase your Login ..
4) is, and to purchase "Playstation Network"
1) Log, as the "Account Managment" - "Transaction Managment" - "Playstation sensitive Card"
7) prefix sensitive. To carefully.

Цена: 648.955 руб.

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