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Дата публикации: 08.12.2022

BattleCON Online Hikaru and Candenza Skin Pack Key

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Unlock Hikaru and Candenza plus a special skin for each character!
The critically acclaimed tabletop fighter is now free to play on Steam! In this deeply strategic, full-information battle card game, choose your fighter from a diverse roster of spell-slinging duelists, tag-teaming werewolves, time-traveling boxers, dimensional knights, and more!

About BattleCON Online:
First released as a tabletop game in 2012, BattleCON has gained a worldwide following for top-notch character design, beautiful presentation, and crunchy conflict-driven gameplay. Put your skills to the test with friends and rivals from around the world in the official online adaptation of this tabletop classic!

Weave together the elements, transform your fighter, set traps, mutate your cards—the possibilities are endless!

A faithful implementation of the board gaming classic, now with special effects, voice acting, new art, and more!
19 Playable Fighters, with new fighters released monthly, plus online-exclusive fighters Seven and Riflam!
Real-time online multi-player games with opponents from around the world. Play cross-platform with users on PC, Mac, and Linux (mobile platforms coming soon).

Find opponents with automatic matchmaking, or challenge rivals directly from your in-game friends list.
Interactive tutorial mode teaches the basics as you play.
Meticulously balanced and regularly updated.

1. Install BattleCON: Online on Steam.
2. Create your Battle Connection account for BattleCON: Online.
3. Log into your BCO account and click on the Shop.
4. Enter your code in the shop and click "Submit".

Цена: 0.97 $.

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