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Часть речи:существительное, исчисляемое и неисчисляемое; глагол
Значение:лоскут, тряпка, лохмотья (rags), шмотки (разг.), скандал, шум, бранить, галдеть, скандалить, шуметь
Связанные слова / Синонимы:shred, scandal, row, rag doll, rag rug, rag trade, rag-and-bone man, from rag to riches, in rag, local rags
Идиомы:lose your rag; a red rag to a bull
Фразовые глаголы:rag on somebody
  • Just get a rag and wipe it up.
  • Maple Leaf Rag
  • That paper's nothing but a fascist rag.
  • A wet finger or rag will smooth a caulked joint and leave a neat appearance.
  • He put the rags between my legs.
  • I opened the window, stepped out on the ledge, and began to wash windowpanes with a rag.
  • The smell of oil clung to her as strongly as it did to the rags in the van.
  • The thin cake was hard and resistant as a frozen rag.
  • This was how he remembered her, rather than as the cancer-pained rag doll he had nursed until her death.
  • When I got back to the villa, I saw a red rag tied to the balcony.
Часть речи:прилагательное
Значение: неровный, зазубренный, шероховатый, косматый, нечёсаный, взлохмаченный, всклокоченный, измученный, изнуренный, усталый
Идиомы:run somebody rugged
  • A man in ragged clothes was begging on the corner.
  • Alex was wearing ragged jeans with holes in the knees.
  • Bev's voice was ragged with fatigue.
  • He touched his ragged hat as she passed.
  • Much of Cassidy's concert seemed ragged and under-rehearsed.
  • She looked quite ragged and unkempt.
  • The blanket she wore over her shoulders was ragged and filthy.
  • But, for the data analyst who is prepared to use judgement as well as arithmetic, smoothing can clarify many otherwise ragged situations.
  • Dead, ragged heads of the climbing hydrangea can be removed, cutting where the stem joins the main branch.
  • He was educated at Guthries, a school for ragged boys, where he was subjected to frequent beatings.
  • The three boys should have been at school with their ragged clothes, crew cuts and sullen eyes.
  • Through his increasingly deep, ragged breathing, he said her name once, twice.
  • Trim ragged lawn edges with the aid of a half-moon edging iron.